Truck weighing and enforcement systems

Our firm has developed a complete software system for trucks weighing on boarders, for Magyar Közút Kht. This is called HAMI. It can handle axel-weight and total-weight scales, the height meter unit (which was developed by us), and the traffic lamps on the road to the scales. It can make a voucher from the measurement data and it can check if the vehicle fulfils the requirements of the Hungarian laws, or a permission is needed for the vehicle to run on Hungarian roads. The permissions can be made with the same software. The system works since 2000 and we are improving it regularly.

Our firm has developed a complete hardware and software system for trucks weighing on M5 motorway, for AKA. It has a preselection subsystem by our WimLoop3 controller.

See our 3D demo.

N E W !

We have own preselection controller, the WimLoop3. It works at many places in Hungary.

Aptitude Test Unit

PC Power Supply Tester

Truck height meter

It can be used to measure the height of vehicles (for example car-carrier). With this unit, it can be avoided to hit the objects above public roads and damage the valuable cargo.
When the truck passes through the gate, the system measures the height of it from 3,5 m to 4,5 m in 10 cm units. This is shown on a big display. After passing the gates, the highest rate is displayed for a preset time. The unit can give a warning sound if the height of the vehicle exceeds the limit. This limit can be set by the user. After the display turns blank, the system is ready for the next measurement.