The Mikroszerviz Co was founded in 1984, it’s full name is Microprocessor Developing and Servicing Cooperative. At the start we were working on developing and servicing our products. At that time there were no PC, therefore we were dealing with the microprocessor part of computer technologies. There were many changes in our firm since it was established, so we had to change our name to Mikroszerviz SP Ltd.


We have developed the computer controlled voting-machine and public-address speakerphone system in Mikroszerviz Co, which is used in many local governments. We developed a customer calling system, a parking system, a vehicle-height displaying unit, PC-power-supplier tester unit, an aptitude testing unit, that checks the capabilities of drivers.


We made the improvements of the weighing systems of the boarder station for ÁKMI Kht. (now Magyar Közút NZrt. – Hungarian Road Administration) in 2000. The Windows based program for the measuring system at the boarders was made in 1999, and we are improving it continuously as it is needed. We made a vehicle over-height measuring system for them, and we deployed it in more than 20 places. We developed a two-way traffic lamp system, which can be controlled manually or by computer, and we are deploying these continuously. We added client-information monitors to the system, so the drivers can see the result of the measurement and they can follow the authorisation process.


We developed and installed the first hungarian inland Weighing Station near M5 motorway. It has a HSWIM preselection system with our WimLoop controller.


We installed 16 preselection system to Hungarian Road Administration. We developed a own HSWIM and preselection controller.


We make the service of the Magyar Közút NZrt.'s Weighing Stations computer system since 1994.